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Proton Suprima S review


I can see the mix of sporty and elegent style over here

Well.. im back again.. from jailbreak.. :D

What make me interested to typing tonite is about our beloved Proton just release new sister in family, the new superb automobile or what in malay tounge as Proton Suprima S. I dunno maybe this new family member ..maybe..  "anak tiri" and  its just make some people feel annoying enough. When this people just hear name Proton, they become aggresively hatred..

 Well people please stop being racist.. i am car lover, no mater what it brand, what im looking is at the black gold tire, the screamer engine, the vip seat, stick like rail suspension, the glossy mirror and of course, the sexy body .. :p

One think i dont like bout this car is the back lamp look sux to  my taste, other than that it is sure nice looking car

This car come with TURBO! 1.6 engine

Its hard to say much since I dont have time to test drive this car, from spec on paper its look like underpower to my taste, but real world performence could base on many point. The first important is safety.
The Lotus tuned suspension should look strong to elliminate FF common problem which always come to understeer on crazy fast cornering, The brake system look impresive, the rich people technology all gadget stuff that could be found on luxury  Mercedes Benz and BMW. Well you never seen these magic stuff on Toyota or Honda. Technology that impress many people and could save many life. Great job Proton.

One of top important think in car design is the weight to power ratio. Even after Proton using hard press steel, this babe still lag behind with around 9 sec which for a turbo car is quite sad. Well.. like i said, real time performence always seem different from on paper.  It need all help from every component to work as a good car. Even on luxury car as BMW, there always be a bad spot on the system. We are not in heaven yet. remember that.

The ABS and traction control is important for a daily car compare to track use. Just imagine a low skill driver who drive on wet road, there dunno what is the perfect amout of gas should be press, or how to do initial d style hard braking drift. This could end with kababom. silly stuff. Proton is quite prepare for most dangerous unknown situation, so they are provide our rich people up to 6 airbag!.. wow.. Maybe if they want to impress people more, proton should find a way to make high quality 6 airbag for saga sv too..
:) Good tech always a bit pricey, like i say if Proton can find a way to make the tech cheaper. it will be insane impressive..

Well race car dont need an ABS and traction control.. they just slow down the racer.. not ricer lor.. :)

Lastly, i love the interior , no doubt. I wish I could make one on my honda prelude 4th gen.. :p . Wifi, double din gps, 6 speaker, 7 inch long big display, sure I can done the same with much headache and less sleep..

p/s Proton suprema s is not perfect car but it is a great car.. value for pocket , if you got plenty enough money, grab fast!
p/s 2 I wait for 200hp++ proton , but they never arrive.. yikes..
         ill stick with my honda prelude 4th gen , its are faith destiny we  meet together.. ;D

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